Monday, March 7, 2016

Protocol Update

Disclaimer: As always, this is one experience with Dr. Li's protocol. Each protocol is personalized. No generalizations to your own situation should be made. Thank you.

I have tried all sorts of options to organize James's protocol. So, I thought I would give you a glimpse into my fancy system as it stands now.

Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart!

I have been through several different pill sorting boxes and have outgrown them all. I have finally take to saving pill bottles and cream jars, labeling, and filling them. This box has a weeks worth of sorted pills and any open pill bottles. It lives on a shelf in the bathroom so James can help himself.

This is in my closet and is the unopened pills for two months. Our expenses are currently about $1000 a month.

This is a nightly pill container. I can tell it is for night time because of the Allegra poking out. His protocol from Dr. Li does not change pill wise from morning to night.

He is currently taking:

8 Mei Huang tea 5 Tea capsules 2 times a day
8 Shi Zhen Tea 1a Tea capsules 2 times a day
6 Shu Chuan Tea capsules 2 times a day
5 Mu Lian pills 2 times a day
5 Good Mood Tea capsules 2 times a day
1/2 an allegra once a day
2 tsp of Huang Lian in the bath, once a day
2 packets of Niu Bang Zi in the bath, once a day
Cream IIIVB, full body application, once a day

For James, the most exciting change has been dropping the cream from twice a day to once. I cannot describe how much he hates the cream.

For me, it has been inching closer to being able to remove Allegra entirely from his protocol. This month, Dr. Li asked us to hold steady at half a pill for a month (we had been dropping half a pill every other week). I have noticed that when he reduces the amount, he has seasonal allergy symptoms for a day or two after. This week was particularly bad and he was unable to sleep for a night. However, they resolve fairly quickly so I have to guess that it is his body adjusting to the lower dose of antihistamine. Assuming all goes well, he will no longer use antihistamines in the beginning of June and we will be able to schedule skin testing.

If you had told me when we got his blood test results  that it would be at least 7 months until he was able to have skin testing, I would have thought you were crazy. And, I am not going to lie and say that the waiting is easy. Every year between March and June, James has had a major flair of his hives. If he can get through this season successfully while reducing his antihistamines, it will be a huge victory.

So, we wait.

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