Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Summary of Our In Person Appointment with Dr. Li

We returned to New York to see Dr. Li last week. Dr. Li and I had already discussed James's one year blood results during a phone consult. There is nothing like a face-to-face appointment though, so I was truly looking forward to seeing her.

Honestly, I had one hope of the appointment (being able to re-introduce legumes, which James's allergist felt were an intolerance, not an allergy) and James had another (reducing the dreaded cream). Dr. Li wisely followed James's lead and I will have to wait.

She started by checking his skin ("beautiful") and acupuncture. Upon returning, she took history and we discussed food challenges.

  • She clarified that, although Kaiser records >0.35 as an allergy, she considers anything over 0.01 possibly still allergic. I am sure James's history of having severe reactions with low IgEs plays into this (in other words, this is specific to him and not a general statement of Dr. Li's thoughts).
  • James asked to reduce to doing cream one time a day. She said this was fine, but that he should step down (one day a week), particularly as he is still stepping down from his Allegra.
  • She asked James what food he would like to challenge first. He replied that he wanted wheat back, but that he thought he could pass soy. She said that when we were ready (off of Allegra, SPT from allergist), he could start with wheat.
  • However, for each challenge he does, she wants to challenge only 1/5th of the amount that is usually used in the challenge. Then, she wants us to control how much returns into his diet, small amounts one day a week at first, stepping up a day a week, and then portion size. Her concern is he will feel sick from adding foods he has been avoiding into his diet and wants him to go slowly. He does tend towards GI problems. I will be discussing the smaller challenge with James's allergist.
  • Dr. Li was most excited that James (on his own) had turned up the water heater and had not had hives. He used to have heat intolerance. In her words, "That shows true tolerance."
The biggest benefit of being in person was that Dr. Li was able to talk to James and let him guide the appointment. I always ask before any phone consult if he has anything he would like to add or ask, but the answer is always no. Being in person, her questions could be addressed directly to him. Dr. Li gives him flexibility, respect, and some control and he is more motivated to do what is required.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A New Epi-pen Case for Christmas

I know many people are looking for new epi-pen cases, particularly for teens, after the Auvi-Q recall. I bought James this one .

(That's the Super Smash Bros symbol for non-Nintendo fans out there. The shop has a lot of different images). 

I have no relationship (other than being a customer) with this shop. I like this case because it seems like it will be large enough to hold the epi-pens when they are in the Veta Case.