Friday, October 23, 2015

One Year Down

As of Sunday, James will have been seeing Dr. Li for a year. I thought I would want to celebrate, but to be honest, it seems routine. My guess would be that 1) he hasn't had any follow up blood work (he wants to wait until after Halloween for a draw) and 2) we are likely, at best, a third through treatment. It is hard to get excited at this point.

What I've Learned from One Year

Things will go wrong - Don't Panic

Missing Doses

There will be times when you miss doses, from forgetting, running out, or schedule issues. Missing a dose here or there is not worth stress. Do your best to be as consistent as possible, and accept that life happens and sometimes your schedule is thrown off.


James has had reactions this year and hives and digestive problems however, he's had a lot fewer than ever. He has always had reactions and hives and digestive problems. Because the herbs are new to you, there will be a temptation to blame every problem on the herbs. It is possible that the herbs cause a problem. And, we have been handling hives, reactions, and digestive problems. You can continue to handle what comes using your own common sense. This doesn't mean to never consult your doctors. But, don't give up your own competency because you are doing something new.

Carry a Towel

When traveling, bring your own towels – the cream stains everything. Using your own towels will save you from embarrassment. If you are using Cream IIIb or IVB, green towels are best.

Please be thinking of us in the next couple weeks as we move forward with James's first year tests.

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