Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kindness of Strangers

We have been the recipients of many kind deeds from strangers this year - someone bought our lunch at In and Out, an online friend bought James an art class, people have willingly put away their peanut butter sandwiches when standing in line - and then, another person from a Facebook group gave us tickets to Disneyland's Halloween Party. I will admit to being completely overwhelmed by this generosity.

Our Night, Allergy Wise

Trick or Treating

As per an email from Disneyland Special Diets, I went to Town Hall to ask about trick or treating for those with allergies. James was not interested in trick or treating much - there was so much to do non-food related - but I still wanted to get the information so I could relay it. I was told that in previous years, information on the candy was kept at Town Hall, but now you should ask at each Trick or treat station. The cast members there should get you something from below their stand. 

We only went to one area with no line for trick or treating. The cast members there really knew nothing about allergies and dug through the candy to get what we told them was safe. There were four stops in this area and by the third, James was asking for carrot sticks and potato chips (the alternative snack) to avoid the hassle. It was not at all a big deal for him, but I can see that a younger kid might be more disappointed. It would be nice if they trained the people handing out candy as well as the chefs or had allergy friendly stations (maybe with non-food treats).

There were teal pumpkins at some of the stations, but these were only for decoration and had nothing to do with the Teal Pumpkin Project.


James wanted pizza, so we headed to Pizza Port. The chef there informed us that they could not guarantee "that nut particles wouldn't end up in his pizza." She directed us to Tomorrowland Terrace, where they had no tree nuts or peanuts in the kitchen. The chef there was thorough, going over each ingredient several times. For instance, there was soy in the regular hamburger bun, but not the gluten-free one. The fries were cooked in soybean oil, but in their own fryer. We felt very comfortable with the care given to his order.

Non-Food Celebration

If there is a place where the food really doesn't matter, then this was it. We didn't stop except to eat dinner, and then we watched the Monsters U Dance Party. From the time we arrived until leaving, we rode every ride on our wishlist. The lines were virtually non-existent during the party. We watched the parade and fireworks.

Taking the focus off of food and onto fun is a good idea for everyone, not only those that are food allergic.

What plans do you have for Halloween that are not focused on food?


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