Monday, August 3, 2015

Protocol Update

James's protocol has changed practical every month since October. Some months, the changes were minor, increasing dosages, adding one herb. Some months, much more significant. My most complete description of his protocol was in April with and update in June. At that point, I thought his protocol had stabilized somewhat because, although his protocol had changed a lot since his April update, there were no changes from May to June, only the second time since he had begun he had no changes at all. Little did I know that our visit in July would radically change his herbs once again.

To backtrack a little, he had a Prostaglandin D2 test, requested by Dr. Li, in June. The results were normal. Dr. Li was surprised. She was actually so certain that they would not be that when I said we had the test done, she completed my sentence by saying, "and the results were high." She then asked about a string of other tests, which we hadn't had done (she hadn't asked for them). And continued as if he had Mast Cell Activation Disorder. And, I think this is where we will stand. He will have no official diagnosis and if he stays reasonably stable (at this point, he is. He has improved considerably both under her care and since being diagnosed at all and cleaning his diet), I will not pursue further testing. If at some point his health slips, I know the direction to push in.

Current Protocol:

Put on two times a day, after bath and after shower. He is working up to complete coverage after bath, starting with just his legs. Right now, we use about six jars a month. The cream is IgE lowering, as can be seen in this abstract.          

Huang Lian and Niu Bang Zi

Both are bath herbs and he is working up to his full dose of two teaspoons of Huang Liang and two packets of Niu Bang Zi. He does this bath once a day.

He takes ten Mei Huang 4 twice a day. This is half the dose he was taking previously. Mei Huang 4 has some (not all) of the components of FAFH-2. 

He takes five Mu Lian tea two times a day.

He takes five Good Mood tea twice a day and this perhaps has been the most stable part of his protocol.

He takes six  Shi Zhen Tea 1A two times a day.

Finally, he takes six Shu Chuan Tea two times a day. This was the one I was happiest to add, as I know it is used, in part, to help with environmental allergies.

With additions and subtractions, our cost stayed steady this month at just over $1000.

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