Monday, April 6, 2015

Daily Protocol for Treatment of Food Allergies with TCM

I hesitate to post this, not because I hesitate to share the information, but I don't want to give out any mis-information. This is a snapshot in time for one patient. By the very nature of Dr. Li's practice, she works with each patient as an individual. James's protocol has changed nearly every month. What the protocol is for James, I'm sure is very different for a patient of a different age, condition, and response. There are patients with no pills and patients with many more pills. So, please don't look at this and assume that if you or your child were to see Dr. Li, this would be your protocol.

That said, as of today, and at least until my next phone consult, this is James's daily routine:

After eating  (breakfast and dinner), he starts taking pills. He takes them in the order I have shown (although the capsules are mixed together, I've only separated them for the photo. He takes 5 at a time, mixed). He sets a timer for 1/2 an hour, takes the next set (he calls them M&M pills, for visual reasons only, there are 15), sets the timer for 1/2 an hour again, and takes the final 5 capsules. We have found if he doesn't take them spaced out this way, they make him sick (nauseous and heartburn). It's definitely the capsules that cause the upset. He's able to take the Mei Huang 4 without any issues. Dr. Li suggested spacing the dosages out and, as long as he sticks to it, he does fine.

So, each day total, he takes 50 pills over a 3 hour period. This is actually the part of the protocol he doesn't mind, assuming he leaves enough time between doses that  he doesn't get sick.

For those wondering what the pills are for, I can only speak to use for my son and my understanding as it's been explained. Different people may have the same pills prescribed by Dr. Li for different things.

Good Mood Tea: To help anxiety, he hates the name whereas it makes me want to sneak some every now and then

Mei Huang Tea 4: To lower IgE/help with food allergies

Shi Zhen Tea 1A: To help his skin/itchiness/hives

After he's had all his pills, before bed, he showers and then his dad puts Cream III-VB on him.

 This is the part he doesn't like. Previously he used Cream IIIB, which had a texture similar to Aquaphor™, and it stank. In my opinion, it smelled strongly like dirt. I was physically repelled by the smell. He put it on himself. 

Dr. Li wanted to be sure he was getting the cream applied adequately, which meant by someone else. She felt he would be more receptive to this with a second version that has the same medicinal properties but a different base. It's much lighter, both in texture and smell. James says it smells like lemons; I can't smell it. It's a water based cream, so it goes on much more smoothly and lightly.

But, he hates having someone else put cream on him and he hates the green tinge on his clothes and his skin. He doesn't like when Darren affectionately calls him the Hulk.

Cream III-VB: to help lower iGe/food allergies

A month of this protocol (for a 12 year old who is 5'6" and just over 100 lbs) is nearly $800. It is a commitment, both financially for the family and for James, daily dedication.

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