Friday, April 17, 2015

Camping: Food and Medicine

When Going to the Grocery Store isn't that Helpful

Fortunately, we have an RV, so I don't have to figure out how to camp for a week with only non-perishables. That said, there is a little more prep for food when we camp. And since I spend so much time cooking regularly, I like to have as much done in advance as possible, so my vacation is actually a vacation and not time spent cooking.

For the next week when we go camping we have planned:


English Muffins with Sunbutter (made the English Muffins ahead and froze)
Pancakes (made a couple batches of batter and froze)
Breakfast Burritos (made the wrappers and burritos ahead, frozen)
Eggs and Sausage


Lunch meat,cheese, fruit, crackers


Mushroom, Beef, and Potato Kebabs (made ahead)
Pasta Salad (made ahead)
Hot Dogs and Salad (cut up the salad ahead)
Fried Rice (made ahead and froze)
Bean Free Chili (made ahead and froze, recipe to follow)
Blue Cheese and Bacon Hamburgers (made ahead and froze)


S'Mores with homemade chocolate dipped graham crackers (recipe to follow)
No-Nut Homemade Kind™ Bars
Homemade Cocoa Mix

And in case of emergencies

Things we always consider:

  • How much medicine do we need to take?
  • How does it need to be stored?
  • How far are we from emergency services?
  • Will we ever be out of cell phone range?
  • Any special precautions needed?
In this case, we know we will be taking a hike in water, so we ordered a waterproof pouch for James's epi-pens and my inhaler.

Be Prepared

 So you can then relax and enjoy your time away.

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