Monday, November 23, 2015

Baby Steps

"You have done wonderful work."

Typical of Dr. Li, ever modest, this was her response to James's blood test results.

As I suspected, not much has changed in every day life. James needs to be off of his Allegra to move forward, so that is the next step. Since he has a history of chronic hives and has been using a daily antihistamine for a decade, this will be a long process.

Dr. Li is also going to send herbs to help with viruses, hopefully eliminating any viral hives. When he is no longer taking Allegra, he will be able to start with his local allergist, to do skin testing, and hopefully food challenges.

While this definitely is not an exciting update, it is the behind the scenes of what happens next (for us). While we would love blood testing to be accurate enough to get results and start eating the food, that is not reality. It tests my patience, but not my thankfulness.

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