Friday, May 1, 2015

Where in the World is My Epi?

Kids with Food Allergies is running a year long campaign to encourage people to always have their epi-pens (or epinephrine device of choice with them). By uploading a picture with the #WhereInTheWorldIsMyEpinephrine at a platform of your choice (see details here ), you can be entered into a monthly drawing for $400 worth of products.

Here's a collection of pictures from our recent trip. Can you see his epi-pens in these pictures? They are visible, although I don't think visible enough for the contest (which is fine, James would not want them that visible).

The bottom two pictures were taken at Zion National Park. We took a shuttle on the way back and here's what we heard over the radio as we went (name and age changed for privacy because I, frankly, can't believe they gave that information out over the radio when it wasn't private):

We have a 15 year old girl, Trixie, in anaphylactic shock. Epi has been given. Coming out of the Narrows.

What did she react to?

In my head: Who the hell cares?

I don't know. She has been given an epi-pen. Her throat just started closing up. We need an ambulance.

But, was she stung by something? Did she eat something?

In my head again: Who the hell cares?

James: "Why isn't the driver calling for help?" 

Our driver had not been using the radio, this was all overheard, so we explained that he would hear what was going on throughout the park, but that others were helping.

James: "Someone needs to help her."

We're out of the Narrows now. 

Is she stable?

In my head: Finally!

Yes, she's stable. She's walking.

Ambulance and rangers are on their way.

And at this point, they pass our shuttle.

This is the Narrows.

She was smart, she carried her epi-pen. I am still thinking of her everyday and hoping she is ok.

Where in the world is your epinephrine?

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